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2009-07-20 07:47 pm

Garden Update.

[ profile] apocalyptikitty will be your tour guide this afternoon.

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2009-07-16 03:51 pm

Garden Update


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2009-07-07 10:54 am

Garden Update

Everything is growing...

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2009-06-28 08:57 am

garden update!

trellises. now, with netting! (and squish blossoms!)

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2009-06-13 09:26 am

garden update.

cold box! onions, lettuce, spinach, leeks, carrots, potatoes, etc.

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2009-05-30 09:43 pm

2009 Manleygarden

mostly for our reference...

the majority of plants and seeds were purchased at our local Jung's greenhouse, with additional items coming from our local farmer's market, and trading of seeds and plants with family and friends.

(i still think we need to add a mushroom kit for [ profile] techdragon, if we can figure out where to put it.)

Half-Box 1:
* Patio Tomatoes - Busy Bee?
* Early Tomatoes - Way Ahead
* Sweet Peppers - Carmen Hybrid
* Standard Peppers - Fat & Sassy
* Lettuce - Buttercrunch
* Carrots - Red-Cored Chantenay
* Carrots - Nelson Hybrid

Half-Box 2:
* Sweet Peppers - California Wonder
* Eggplant - Dusky Hybrid
* Cucumbers - Sweet Slice
* Cucumbers - Homemade Pickling
* Spinach - (var unknown)
* Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved

Half-Box 3:
* Leeks - Lancelot - (from b&n via Jungs)
* Summer Squash - Cousa (from b&n via PineTree Garden Seeds)
* Snap Peas - Sugar Ann
* Bush Beans - Espada

Full-Box 1:
* Potatoes - All-Red
* Red Onions
* Leeks - (from b&n via PineTree Garden Seeds)
* Carrots - Red-Cored Chantenay
* Carrots - Nelson Hybrid
* Lettuce - Buttercrunch
* Lettuce - Green Ice
* Leeks - Lancelot - (from b&n via Jungs)

Full-Box 2:
* Strawberries - June-Bearing

Low Box 1:
* Rhubarb - Canadian Red and an heirloom variety (via coworker of b&n's and Jung's)

Low Box 2:
* Winter Squash - Waltham Butternut
* Winter Squash - Table Ace Acorn

Low Box 3:
* Strawberries - June-Bearing
* Raspberries - Heritage

* Catnip - Nepeta cataria
* Chives - Allium schoenoprasum
* Purple Sage - Salvia leucophylla
* Silver-Edged Thyme - Thymus vulgaris 'Argenteus'
* French Tarragon - Artemisia dracunculus
* Root Beer Plant - [need to nab scientific name.]
* Sweet Basil - Genovese (Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese')
* Greek Oregano - Origanum vulgare
* Fernleaf Dill - Anethum graveoleus
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2009-05-29 03:49 pm

Transplants are in!

So, I got all the transplants in place and planted the second run of carrots, lettuce and spinach. I need to get a small ground bed dedicated to squash - I think I have a good spot set aside. I also need to ask [ profile] jeffreyp to make the trellis backs for these boxes - I picked up the netting today. I hate buying transplants, especially with a smaller sized garden, because there is nothing smaller than a four-pack and we don't need that many. I could always see if the extra tomatoes and eggplant would grow well in some porch containers instead of wasting the plants.

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2009-05-29 12:31 pm

Garden picts

(x-posted from [ profile] techdragon's journal)

I decided to spend the afternoon today planting since it has cleared up nicely... I will add new photos once I have the transplants in place but here is how the boxes and yard currently look. My early plant box is coming long nicely :)

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2009-05-19 11:18 am
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Garden Update

More pictures have been added to the gallery with garden progress. The next round of planting is scheduled for May 30th and 31st.
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2009-04-27 11:05 am


Photo is actually from earlier in the week when the boys were "helping" [ profile] jeffreyp fill the garden boxes. There is something about sunshine and happy kids that make my day much better.

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2009-04-23 09:56 am
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Active Day of landscaping

Gallery updated with progress from yesterday.

~1640lbs of topsoil to finish the backfill and fix grading drainage between the tub and the fence.

~1600lbs of crushed granite over a layer of landscape fabric.

The boxes were placed and then filled with about a yard of garden mix (1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite).

Need to tuck in the edges of the landscape fabric along the concrete, and get another load of the granite to make it a bit thicker after things have a chance to settle.

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2009-04-20 10:03 am

More landscaping

The 2009 landscaping season has begun. This year there is a garden, compost system, and general lawn work on the docket.

Two weekends ago I made a set of cedar raised containers for the garden, and a large compost bin with 3 bays.

This last weekend the old peonies and a bush were removed in preparation for some grading fill and garden container placement.

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2008-06-14 09:33 am

Landscaping pictures

The pictures of the landscaping are up.
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2008-03-09 12:50 pm

Guestroom furnishings

The kitties approve of the new guest room bed-coverings.
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2007-12-15 02:45 pm

Hot Tub screen

First part of the privacy/wind screen is up. New cover shipped yesterday and should be here in about a week.

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2007-12-14 09:05 pm

Bathroom Vanity

Handles installed on doors and drawers, drawer faces installed.
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2007-10-18 10:08 am

anniversary gift.

our second anniversary gift to each other -- a handmade stained glass panel by a california artisan. currently hanging in our large, formerly-unadorned front window.

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2007-10-08 10:34 am
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Tub placed.

Saturday I cut off the conduit and snaked the wire for the tub, then [ profile] multibear and I rolled the tub over to its proper location. I then proceded to remove the control system and heater to look into what wasn't working. I have a new heater element on order and will be doing some cleanup on the rest of the internals.

Sunday I rotated the cover and lifter to be on the garage side. I then moved some leaves to the front yard to get a jump on cleaning up the driveway concrete in the back. I've also started looking into a new cover for the tub to replace the current concave and cracking one. The new ones have a sloped top with reienforcements for the lifters and a rather high R-24ish value, and cost about $500 including shipping. I also need to start thinking about step options to get into the tub.