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More pictures have been added to the gallery with garden progress. The next round of planting is scheduled for May 30th and 31st.
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finally mounted on the front deck, my windowboxen show off my flower collection. as time and weather permits, i'm tempted to add two more, one on either side of the current ones, but that may have to wait until next spring.

the trunk full of strawberry plants i brought back from my parents' house are doing okay, i just need to be better about keeping up with the weeding. we're still debating on what'll be going in the other half of the raised beds -- either tomatos or rhubarb, and leaning towards rhubarb. after that, we just need to put the landscaping trim around the clothesline pole, and plant something in it. at this point, i'm thinking bulbs might be a good idea.

anyone interested in swapping rhubarb plants for hostas?

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A few weeks ago while [ profile] alyska was gone, much happened in a short time. Since then the unfinished ends have been worked on in some cases and ignored in others.

It started out with working in the basement to get the shower in and operational. This involved re-wiring the lighting and installing greenboard on the ceiling. Then I assembled the platform with adhesive and screws, and attached it to the floor. After that was in I then went about assembling the rest of the enclosure and there was a working shower. It still needs trim work and things, but it is functional. While I was doing that my dad started the dismantling of the upstairs bath by removing all of the old tile and backer board. Then we got the hammer out and broke the end off the tub to get it out.

After that was out we could remove the old plumbing and install some new shutoff valves, as there wasn't any on the fixtures before. It took a little bit to get the new plumbing in and correct but it wasn't difficult, just annoying. Luckily the floor was already level so we just put down a 3/4" plywood to help distribute the weight on the floorboards. Then it was time to move in the new tub. Acrylic and Fiberglass tubs are a lot lighter than porcelain/cast iron ones, even when the new one holds almost twice the water. After we got the tub in and squared up we attached the tile flange and started putting up the durock on the walls.

While I was installing the durock, and the next day while I was at work, my dad took the person door off of the garage and replaced it with a steel one from the Habitat Re-Store. It was a bit smaller so the frame had to be filled in, and straightened in the process.

Then we installed a raised planting bed in the back yard. When [ profile] alyska came back, a trunk full of strawberry plants went in, hopefully some of them survive. The next day I planted the lilies she also brought back and moved a hosta.

Over the next week I caulked and painted the new door frame, filled the joints in the durock, and cleaned the garage.

This past week we picked up some tile for the bathroom and didn't get much else done on the house. Although, there is now a truck in the driveway that will help with the hauling of materials to work on the house.

Sunday I started the installation of the tile around the tub and got most of the back wall done including some of the custom cut pieces. It went a lot better when I mixed the thinset a bit thicker and made all of the X spacers into T spacers (doing a stepped brick-like pattern instead of plain grid). Monday night I did another bucket worth of thinset on the bedroom side wall and figured placement for the bullnose. Tonight I will try and remember to make another post with pictures or update this one with links in the proper places.

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last saturday was spent in search of some color for the yard. while the yard is in darned good shape, it's all green yard, green house...greengreengreen.

i wanted some color, so [ profile] jeffreyp and i picked up a lilac bush for the back corner of the property, as i've had lilacs everywhere i've lived and love them dearly. (it's the green bush in the middle of all of the other green bushes.)

i've also been trying to figure out what our mystery plants are. the smaller one with the purple flowers smells very minty, but it's not catnip. it's groundcovering, and taking over much of the area by the back fence. the other larger tri-leafed thing is just a total puzzle. i know i've seen them before, but i don't know what they are.

so, as far as i got on saturday was planting windowboxes with kittyhelp, which now look pretty on the front porch until [ profile] jeffreyp has time to make brackets so we can hang them off the front.

in future projects, i'm thinking of getting a bushy tree of some sort for the front yard where the sidewalk meets the driveway and transplanting some of our 70some hostas to make room for a raspberry thicket along the garage and patch the holes along the landscaping by the driveway. we still need to figure out how to fill the hole make by the dead yew bush out front, and i'd also like to put something by the clothesline pole in the back of the yard (a trellis for morning glories) and a raised garden bed along the fence by our neighbor's garage.

the raised bed would likely be garden space -- i definitely want strawberries, and tomatos would be tasty, too. possibly some rhubarb or carrots. [ profile] jeffreyp set out some of our landscaping plastic by the pole in the back yard, but now i can't decide if that space should be garden (herbs?) or flowers if i put the morning glory trellis in there.


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Quick recap of what has been done since the last Monday post.

Kitchen )

Garden )

Unpacking )

Attic )

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More projects off the list over the weekend.

  • Tea shelf hung
  • Exhaust vent adapters made for attic (need to find a cool evening to go up there)
  • Microwave shelf done and installed (last two pictures in the Kitchen Gallery)
  • Lawn sprinkler acquired and put to use, with nifty built in timer
  • [ profile] alyska used the newly acquired trimmers on the peonies and bushes out back

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the kitchen continues to progress, many thanks to the [ profile] jeffreyp, but out in the back yard...

...the peonies are blooming!

three pink, and a half dozen or so white ones.

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