May. 29th, 2009

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I decided to spend the afternoon today planting since it has cleared up nicely... I will add new photos once I have the transplants in place but here is how the boxes and yard currently look. My early plant box is coming long nicely :)

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So, I got all the transplants in place and planted the second run of carrots, lettuce and spinach. I need to get a small ground bed dedicated to squash - I think I have a good spot set aside. I also need to ask [ profile] jeffreyp to make the trellis backs for these boxes - I picked up the netting today. I hate buying transplants, especially with a smaller sized garden, because there is nothing smaller than a four-pack and we don't need that many. I could always see if the extra tomatoes and eggplant would grow well in some porch containers instead of wasting the plants.

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