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Gallery updated with progress from yesterday.

~1640lbs of topsoil to finish the backfill and fix grading drainage between the tub and the fence.

~1600lbs of crushed granite over a layer of landscape fabric.

The boxes were placed and then filled with about a yard of garden mix (1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite).

Need to tuck in the edges of the landscape fabric along the concrete, and get another load of the granite to make it a bit thicker after things have a chance to settle.

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There is a space behind the garage that grows some very tall weeds, over the windows tall. The end of the first summer here I cut or pulled them all and applied a "ground clear" to the area. The next summer the area was bare and I forgot about it. This year they were back.

A few weeks ago I cut them and pulled them out and applied more "ground clear". Yesterday I rolled out some landscaping weedstop and covered it with some gravel that the neighbors had leftover from some work they did. I need to put more down at some point but I was getting tired last night. I also did the backfill for the ground rods at the house.
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So, woke up this morning about my normal time, with the help of [ profile] feloniouscat and [ profile] apocalyptikitty of course. After feeding them I decided to head outside and mark off where I wanted the hostas to go. Since the sun was still behind the garage at this point I removed the sod from the area. Then it was inside for some breakfast and cooling off.

I didn't feel like digging up the hostas quite yet so I grabbed the shovels and started on the other clothesline pole. After 2 hours of digging with stops for water and AC breaks I have the pole free, I just can't lift it.

By then it was time for lunch so I came in and had some lunch and decided to go back out for the hostas. Probably not the best plan as the sun was now beating down, but eh. So I went out and moved most of the hostas over. I still need to move the lillies on the end and get rid of the tree/bush at the back of the garage. There is also a varigated hosta under the bush thing which might get moved to the side of the house by the driveway or something, along with the one by the power pole. The two small clumps that are still by the garage in the middle were hostas that were squished between others and I decided to not move them, not sure where they are going yet, maybe they will go along the driveway too, if they make it that long.


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