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It has been slow going but I finally got around to making the trim for some of the bathroom walls. I also made the frames for the doors for the vanity cabinet. Last night I dyed the frames and made the latticework for the panels and dyed them. Next up is the hand chisel work for the lattice and gluing the lattice together and in, then the lacquer can be applied. Then I make the drawers themselves and attach everything to the cabinet. There will be pictures when that is done.

Then it is on to something else, maybe finishing up the caulking and trim around the tub and get the shower curtain up. Or focus might shift to outdoor projects like the possibility of a free if you haul it away and fix it hot-tub and the associated deck replacement. Along with the extension of a larger electrical circuit to the the garage so more can be done there.

I have also been doing some re-arrangement of the shop area, putting the cabinets that I got last fall into a reasonable configuration along the back wall. I have also been moving things out of the massive wall cabinet to hang things directly on the back wall. Then I can finish the doors for the wall cabinet and put *stuff* there, and have them out of the sawdust.


Feb. 17th, 2007 02:03 pm
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The doors are together, mostly. I should take them back down and add some screws, but they are good for now. Now I need to get the mirror and the shelves. We'll see if we go with the glass shelves or if I make some wooden ones after we get some quotes. I think the wall trim is next on the list, or the doors for the base cabinet, although this afternoon might just be lazy.
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Pictures of progress hopefully this weekend. I have the door frames dyed and lacquered, and the latticework cut, dyed, installed and lacquered. I'm hoping to put the warlon and plexiglas in them and get the doors up in the cabinet either Thursday night or Saturday. The plexi is already cut and just needs the corners rounded. I still need to get together the list and order the mirror and glass shelves. Then I will start in on the base cabinet doors and drawers. The 50,000BTU propane heater is nice, and putting some more plastic covering the ceiling holes where I don't have insulation and sheeting has been working well too.
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So, the frames for the upper doors have been cut. In the picture they are all just sitting there, nothing is actually attached together. Yesterday I made a mortising jig for the table saw, and I think it works rather well. The backs are already rabbeted for the warlon and plexiglas.

Next up is the little stuff, like the notching for the strips that will make up the pattern in front of the warlon. I think those are going to be done by hand after I rip them down to size. Once those are cut then I can dye/assemble and lacquer the parts before installing the plexi and warlon before sticking them in the cabinet. I also need to order the mirror and the shelves for the bottom sections.

I still have to do the doors on the base cabinet but those will wait a bit, I hope to get some of the needed hardware (hinges, drawer slides) at the Woodcraft bag sale next weekend.

Too bad I don't have tomorrow off to work on it, and I'm not sure how much more energy I have left for tonight. I might just have to re-position the heaters to be pointing right at me and setup a single workstation.
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The face-frame for the cabinet was built/installed over the weekend. On the list for this evening, if I can find the proper wire-nuts, is to install the light fixture. Then I can start on the doors for the upper and lower cabinets.

ETA: Huzzah!
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Saturday I cut, dyed, lacquered, and assembled the upper wall cabinet. Sunday morning I put the back on it and stuck it up in the wall and cut the spacers. Monday morning I measured, cut, and dyed the trim for around the cabinet assembly. The afternoon was spent lacquering those parts and doing other things around the house like swapping out curtains and hanging pictures. Last night I put up three of the trim pieces and glued up two others. After returning home today, I put up the top trim and it is as you see it in the picture. Next up is the face frame. I already have 4 of the 5 pieces cut to length, they still need the joinery cut. The fifth piece still needs to be purchased as the widest board I have is 3.5" and I need almost 4" wide for the center horizontal piece due to the box for the light.
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The cabinet frame is together and the back is on. It is currently just sitting there, and by that I mean it was put there with a dead-blow hammer. Turns out that the tile near the top of it stick out just a bit more than the ones I measured. heh.

Tomorrow I start on the build of the spacer channel for the light mount and then the upper cabinet. Then work can begin on the face frame and trim.
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Much progress today. The lower part of the wall cabinet case is all dyed and some of it just got the third coat of lacquer (still wet in the picture, will dry to semi-gloss). The two pieces in the background will get lacquered tomorrow along with the other sides of the foreground pieces. Before I started with the dye and the lacquer I trimmed the parts to final dimensions and cut the dado and rabbet joints. I also drilled all of the holes for the adjustable shelf supports. Then I glued on the upper and lower tracks and glued and biscuit joined the solid face for the center vertical support to help hold in the shelves and hide the edge of the plywood. The heaters currently have that area of the garage about 20 degrees higher (60) than the outside temp (40), for this project I am glad it isn't a white December yet.

While waiting for glue and lacquer to dry today I also cut and put up a shelf above the West window supported by the two wall cabinets. Not sure what is going to go there yet but it seemed like a good use of that space.
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The sink is installed and functional. I mounted the cabinet and attached the sink this afternoon. I only had to get an extension for the drain and now that is in as well. I still need to do some trim around the countertop but at least you can wash your hands now.

Next up is the new table saw. I picked this up yesterday and spent most of the afternoon assembling it. I managed to do it such that I did it solo, it is really heavy. I had a hard time getting the box slid to the tailgate so I could open it and unpack it from there. I just happened to start with it upside down on sawhorses so I was able to tilt it down instead of having to lift it to flip it over.

This afternoon I cleaned and waxed the cast iron top and cut my first piece with it. I then proceeded to make a cross-cut sled as seen on the table behind the saw in the picture. There still needs to be a bit of arranging and I would like to build a router table in the gap of the extension rails. I also picked up a stacked dado set but I need to get some more plates for the saw before using those.
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The tile went up Tuesday night and the grout went in last night. That part of the project is still on schedule for grout sealing and sink cabinet installation on Sunday afternoon. Saturday will be working on the wall cabinet cases. Hopefully there will be much progress, and pictures of said progress. The sooner the cabinet frame is done, the sooner I can start in on the door assemblies and things will actually look finished.
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Didn't get around to putting the durock patch in where we had to remove tile last week to track down a leak, I'm going to try and do that tonight or this week. However, I did get a bunch accomplished in the garage yesterday.

I put up more insulation in the garage and a few small bits of ceiling plywood, The ones I put up should be taken down and replaced with a full sheet sometime, but I had these pieces in the stack and I could lift them myself. It should help hold the insulation in there for now though. Then I went about planning and installing the plastic wall for this season.

I went along the garage door track and then along the back of the opened door to the opener then back to line up with the lumber rack and where Shiro is parked. I also put in a tape on zipper instead of doing the slits like I did last year, I have another zipper that might go to the right a bit to make a door rather than just a slit. I also put up the new extension cord reel next to the opener. After that was all in I decided to adjust the mitersaw bench for almost the last time for a while. I shifted it over under the window and attached the top to the cabinet. I still need to make the stop block tracks, attach and level the wings, I also need to make some guides for the tabletop to center and lock in the plywood base on the saw. With that moved I also rotated the dust collector into a better location in the corner, Still need to get and run hoses for that.

I need to re-hang three light fixtures, and hang two new ones and then I can start building the wall cabinets for the bathroom.
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The floor went in last night. Yesterday started with heading over to my uncles place to use his table saw and radial arm saw. The first to rip the plywood to size for the wall cabinet and cut the counter block to size. The second to make the half lap joints for the face frames. After getting home I went to put the floor in but realized that this line of flooring didn't have the built in pad like the last two I put it. So, that got postponed. Instead I went and sanded, scraped and routed the countertop and assembled the base cabinet face frame before the almost daily shopping trip and dinner. Shopping was some "bone" caulk for the vertical corners and around the tub, a roll of underlayment for the floor, and a humidifier filter. After returning home I installed the floor and went to bed.
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So, the bathroom got grout today. It took all day with the application, then the cleaning then the washing then the scraping to get it out of the texture on the tile, then more washing. Started this morning after breakfast at about 7:30am and took a break at 6pm for dinner and just finished up with the detail scraping and a wipedown, as seen on the right. Did the whole thing in 8ish 1pound batches that took about 40 minutes each, 10 to wait after mixing and 30 to apply. During that 10 minute window I would go out to the garage and arrange stuff and see how dad was doing going through and labeling all of my tools, now I need to go through and inventory them. Sounds like a job for a db. Tomorrow it is off to my uncles to cut the parts for the wall cabinets and trim the counter block. Tonight I also mixed up the dye solution and did a color test on each of the materials.

Yesterday was spent with me up in the attic for most of it. We re-wired the bathroom and mounted a ceiling fan in the bedroom. I also re-routed the stove vent and made it a bit better.
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Tile is done, now to wait at least 24 hours to put in the grout. It took way too long to wear the holes in the tile for the faucet handles. The second one took about an hour and a half. While dad was working at that with the drillpress I made most of the face frame for the vanity base cabinet, including the half-lap joints. I still need to make half of three of the joints because I didn't have the dimension for the top drawers out in the garage when I was working on it. Those will get done tomorrow when I go out and finish tweaking the rest of the joints as well in preparation for gluing and clamping.

Tomorrow is going to start out with a trip into the attic to re-fish the wire for the cabinet light and most likely fish new wire and install a bracket for the fan in the bedroom. Then it will be out to the garage for me to work on the aforementioned face frame then I will be doing some dye testing on the various woods to make sure it covers well and is a good color. During that time dad will be doing the bedroom fan install and wiring up the switches and outlet in the bathroom. He might also head out to the garage and engrave my initials into all of my tools. (J\P)

More tile.

Nov. 21st, 2006 11:15 am
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Now comes the *fun* part of getting out the tile saw and making the holes for the plumbing and the trim bits for the ends to replace the current spacer tiles. While I was doing that my dad put in the replacement beam support in the basement so we can move the one that is inconveniently placed on the finished side. Well, off to go cut some tile so we can hopefully get to grouting tomorrow or so.
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Friday my dad came down, arriving about the same time I got home from work. We started out by heading down to the basement to take a look at the toilet flange. After figuring out spacers and such, I installed the flooring while dad prepped the toilet for install. After getting it bak in the tank leaked so we took it off and got a replacement flush assembly. It was all done and ready to go at about 3:30pm on Saturday. Somewhere in this time we also did some work on the treadmill that he junk picked on Thursday, just need to replace one cable yet, and it isn't that important.

After we had a working toilet in the basement the demolition began upstairs. After the vanity and toilet were out it was time for the tile to go. The tile around the toilet (garbage can and box in pic) came up easy with just the prybar and little to no effort, woo water damage. The ones further away the mastic still worked and they were therefor harder to get off. To make them leave the air hammer/chisel came out. The rest of the tile was quickly removed and then the sub-floor was cleared away to reveal the ship-lap that is on the joists, and mostly keeping us out of the basement. It isn't in the pic but there is a hole under where the vanity was, made for easier access to the plumbing.

Sunday was up and figuring out the plan for the plumbing and removing and capping/plugging the old pipes. Once everything was out we made a plan for the new in-wall faucet and made a copper supply run to Menards. We also picked up more durock for behind the tile, a new subfloor, some 2x6 studs for framing, a bit of birch plywood to maybe hide the old marks from the laminate on the chimney wall. We finished up the day with the large bit of subfloor in and all of the plumbing cut and dry-fit. I also started work on the mahogany counter by trimming and edge gluing some old foundry forms that I had gotten from dad a few years ago. With a bit of tweaking [ profile] revchris' biscuit jointer worked well. I still need to cut the block to final size and give it a good sanding/scraping.

This morning we soldered up the plumbing [ profile] apocalyptikitty just slept through most of it. After the plumbing we finished installing the sub-floor and covered the handy access hole that was already in the ship-lap. We also put up all of the durock supports in the wall. We then put up the durock and I started in on the tile, messed up, and managed to recover nicely. (The faucet spigot in the pic is just a place holder so the durock and tile don't scratch the chrome one. )

Tomorrow will be more tile, and other things yet to be determined, maybe up in the attic for light and bedroom ceiling fan prep, maybe more work on the base cabinet and prep for the wall cabinet, maybe some of all.
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Sure opens the space up in there.

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Monday I put a coat of white on the ceiling in the bathroom downstairs. Then last night I put the rest of the can up on the walls, it didn't quite cover so I'll be stopping on the way home to pick up some more paint and give the walls another coat.

On the upstairs front, the sink and faucet arrived Monday and Tuesday. Damn is that sink cool. A slight change might be made for the counter. The river-rock and epoxy one that was planned might have to wait a little and instead we might do a butcher block mahogany that I have in the garage. The counter should be easy enough to swap out later when we have time to make the epoxy poured top, there is just one hole for the sink as the faucet will be mounted in the wall.

Talked over the plan some more with my dad and started the list of things he should bring with if he can. I still need to decide if I want to try and take few days off around thanksgiving to give me even more time for the bathroom that week that he will be down. As it is I'm trying to get everything in the house and staged that I can so we don't waste a lot of time running to get things. Although we will have to do that at the start for the plumbing as I'm not going to be exposing that much of it before we start, I'd like to keep the bathroom functional at least until [ profile] alyska heads out for Thanksgiving.

The list for this weekend is as follows:

  • finish painting basement bathroom walls (Friday)
  • make shelves and paint cabinet for basement bathroom (Saturday)
  • begin tearing out the upstairs wall cabinets and measure for new one and adjust design (Sunday)
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There has been some more progress on several fronts. I have the main casing built for the above toilet cabinet in the basement and the gas line soffit is constructed and installed. Now I can go through and caulk and patch over the screws and get some paint/texture on the walls. Then soon the floor can go in, thus allowing the toilet to go back in, yay!

Yesterday a project got done that has only been waiting about a year, the threshold from the kitchen toward the bathroom and bedroom. The one leading toward the front door by the fridge still needs to be done, but that will take more effort as I have to build that one from scratch. The sub-floor is uneven in that spot and I can't use the color-matched ones that came with the floor. Now I can also put in the moulding along the wall to cover the gap that you can see in the picture. The moulding is already constructed and stained so now I just need to trim it to fit.

That installation is next on the list for today, then I need to go out and get more drywall patching compound and have at the basement bathroom, with any luck I might even be able to get some paint on it tonight or tomorrow.

Designs are also moving along on the upstairs bathroom cabinetry. The sink and faucet have been ordered and should be here early next week. I should order the material for the door inlays soon, but that requires a phone call or fax as they don't have a web ordering system. I did some pricing on maple plywood and boards and now need to see what I need to buy for stock in order to make all of the parts on the cutsheet. I also borrowed a pair of biscuit jointers from [ profile] revchris to try out before possibly using them to construct the cabinets.

Well, back to work.
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