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Many things from the previous list are still on the list.

A few things that have progressed since last update

  • The Kimono is hung above the stairs, but there are still pictures to go around it.
  • Workbench painted and placed in the garage, still need the drawer painted and the top sealed.
  • Interior lights and outlets added to the garage, more is always better though.
  • Some storage things added in the garage, of course always more to go.
  • Swords and shelves up in the computer room
  • Handles and hinges acquired for the kitchen not yet installed though.

After the wedding there will be more decor in the house as we planned the wedding decor such that it could be used in and around the house after the wedding.

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Stuff has happened in the last month. Progress has been slowing down but it is a lot of little things that have been getting done.

  • Pictures are up on the walls, with a few more to go
  • General unpacking has been happening, only a few boxes left to do
  • Rooms are looking a lot more livable
  • Third motorcycle moved into the garage (250)
  • The garage is looking better, more visible, clean floor space

Things that haven't been done:

  • Old stove and range hood still in the garage
  • Still no lights on the front of the garage
  • Workbench and tool organization/storage
  • Garage wiring for more interior lights and outlets
  • Of course more projects keep getting added to the list
  • Kimono to be hung above stairwell, need to figure out scaffold for the second hook

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More projects off the list over the weekend.

  • Tea shelf hung
  • Exhaust vent adapters made for attic (need to find a cool evening to go up there)
  • Microwave shelf done and installed (last two pictures in the Kitchen Gallery)
  • Lawn sprinkler acquired and put to use, with nifty built in timer
  • [ profile] alyska used the newly acquired trimmers on the peonies and bushes out back

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Jul. 5th, 2005 09:01 am
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Well mostly. There is still some stuff in the kitchen and a few random things left in [ profile] creeksideway. Then there is the garage to deal with. That will be a back the trailer and van up and shovel it in kind of move I think.

Kitchen pictures have been added to the gallery, the range hood is in and working The ducting still needs to be connected to the roof, but that will be done when the ridge vent goes in and then the bath vent will be redirected as well.

The kitchen needs just a bit more paint, and then the counter and cooktop can go in along that wall. The rest of the place is almost fully painted as well, with just the little hall section by the bedroom and the half bath left to go. A picture of the computer room paint (same color as the bedroom) has also been added to the paint gallery.

Many thanks to [ profile] graydancer and his daughters for helping last week and [ profile] sculplady and FootInMouth for helping this weekend.

Tonight it is back to get another load from the condo.

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Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

I forgot the camera all weekend, so pictures will be taken and hopefully posted tomorrow evening.

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these colors look oddly different (generally much lighter, and less colorful) through sherwin williams' online color picker (where these screenshots came from) than in the paint strip sampler our painter gave us. i may need to verify these again before the painting begins.

paints picked out for the house )

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