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finally mounted on the front deck, my windowboxen show off my flower collection. as time and weather permits, i'm tempted to add two more, one on either side of the current ones, but that may have to wait until next spring.

the trunk full of strawberry plants i brought back from my parents' house are doing okay, i just need to be better about keeping up with the weeding. we're still debating on what'll be going in the other half of the raised beds -- either tomatos or rhubarb, and leaning towards rhubarb. after that, we just need to put the landscaping trim around the clothesline pole, and plant something in it. at this point, i'm thinking bulbs might be a good idea.

anyone interested in swapping rhubarb plants for hostas?

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The tile has been going slowly the last week or so, so slow infact that nothing was done. That changed today. Tile was cut and installed to almost fill in the back and bedroom walls. the bullnose still needs to go on the bedroom wall and there is one tile that needs to go in the upper corner of the back wall. It is cut and will go up with the next batch of mortar that is mixed up. There is still the bottom row of tiles that needs to be installed all the way around as well, but I need to come up with a plan of attack on that. Seems I started the rows a touch too tall. oops. We picked up the grout and sealer the other day so now I just need to keep at it and finish it. The next step is to cut out around the faucet controls, then it should go quickly up the wall until I need to cut out for the shower head. After all of that and the fitting to the cabinet I will need to go around and do the bottom row, which will involve cutting around the faucet.

The window boxes also found a more prominent home today. We had picked up some L brackets to mount them with when we got the grout. Today I painted them white and we attached them to the front porch rail after [ profile] alyska got home.

We also picked up a seal for the bottom of the new door on the garage. I trimmed that down and attached it this afternoon as well. I also did a little bit of general cleanup of the garage and along the fence. A few days ago I also finally got around to cleaning out the watering can that was in the garage when we moved in. I then proceeded to mix up some Ground-Clear and applied it to the side and back of the garage where the weeds have been running rampant. It seems to be doing the trick.

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last saturday was spent in search of some color for the yard. while the yard is in darned good shape, it's all green yard, green house...greengreengreen.

i wanted some color, so [ profile] jeffreyp and i picked up a lilac bush for the back corner of the property, as i've had lilacs everywhere i've lived and love them dearly. (it's the green bush in the middle of all of the other green bushes.)

i've also been trying to figure out what our mystery plants are. the smaller one with the purple flowers smells very minty, but it's not catnip. it's groundcovering, and taking over much of the area by the back fence. the other larger tri-leafed thing is just a total puzzle. i know i've seen them before, but i don't know what they are.

so, as far as i got on saturday was planting windowboxes with kittyhelp, which now look pretty on the front porch until [ profile] jeffreyp has time to make brackets so we can hang them off the front.

in future projects, i'm thinking of getting a bushy tree of some sort for the front yard where the sidewalk meets the driveway and transplanting some of our 70some hostas to make room for a raspberry thicket along the garage and patch the holes along the landscaping by the driveway. we still need to figure out how to fill the hole make by the dead yew bush out front, and i'd also like to put something by the clothesline pole in the back of the yard (a trellis for morning glories) and a raised garden bed along the fence by our neighbor's garage.

the raised bed would likely be garden space -- i definitely want strawberries, and tomatos would be tasty, too. possibly some rhubarb or carrots. [ profile] jeffreyp set out some of our landscaping plastic by the pole in the back yard, but now i can't decide if that space should be garden (herbs?) or flowers if i put the morning glory trellis in there.


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