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Well the first two things on the list were accomplished, and because the weather was nice a bunch of other things were done instead of the third.

Friday I painted the walls so now everything is white. Saturday afternoon the cabinet got shelves and moved to the basement. It didn't get painted due to a slight change in schedule. Instead the cabinet got two coats of paint and installation on Sunday. The upstairs bathroom cabinets didn't get touched, maybe sometime this week.

This morning the weather was nice enough that I decided to work outside instead of in the basement. [ profile] apocalyptikitty and [ profile] feloniouscat were thrilled because it meant they could spend a few hours in the backyard.

The motorcycles got winterized, re-positioned and covered. The lawn mower and snow blowers swapped places and were checked out. Then I made another big pile of leaves for the city to take away. After some more cleaning and planning in the garage I went downstairs and put a coat of paint on the cabinet. After the second coat wasn't tacky anymore I put it up on the shelf and screwed it to the wall stud where it will be staying. It might get doors sometime, but not right now.
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Monday I put a coat of white on the ceiling in the bathroom downstairs. Then last night I put the rest of the can up on the walls, it didn't quite cover so I'll be stopping on the way home to pick up some more paint and give the walls another coat.

On the upstairs front, the sink and faucet arrived Monday and Tuesday. Damn is that sink cool. A slight change might be made for the counter. The river-rock and epoxy one that was planned might have to wait a little and instead we might do a butcher block mahogany that I have in the garage. The counter should be easy enough to swap out later when we have time to make the epoxy poured top, there is just one hole for the sink as the faucet will be mounted in the wall.

Talked over the plan some more with my dad and started the list of things he should bring with if he can. I still need to decide if I want to try and take few days off around thanksgiving to give me even more time for the bathroom that week that he will be down. As it is I'm trying to get everything in the house and staged that I can so we don't waste a lot of time running to get things. Although we will have to do that at the start for the plumbing as I'm not going to be exposing that much of it before we start, I'd like to keep the bathroom functional at least until [ profile] alyska heads out for Thanksgiving.

The list for this weekend is as follows:

  • finish painting basement bathroom walls (Friday)
  • make shelves and paint cabinet for basement bathroom (Saturday)
  • begin tearing out the upstairs wall cabinets and measure for new one and adjust design (Sunday)

yay paint!

Oct. 29th, 2006 08:24 pm
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After the last entry, I trimmed the baseboard, then went shopping. After returning home I started in on prepping the basement bathroom. I took a break and baking cookies and watching anime while everything dried and set. Then, I went back down to check out the cans of paint I found.

There is now a coat of texture on the new greenboard, the old panelling and the ceiling. I found this can of white texture among the cans that were in the basement when we bought the house, there were two that had sand in them, but the other was tinted. I also found about a half a can of bathroom safe white in the collection, so that should be going up later in the week. The lights actually do some good in there now, should be even better when the cabinet is installed and painted white as well.
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There has been some more progress on several fronts. I have the main casing built for the above toilet cabinet in the basement and the gas line soffit is constructed and installed. Now I can go through and caulk and patch over the screws and get some paint/texture on the walls. Then soon the floor can go in, thus allowing the toilet to go back in, yay!

Yesterday a project got done that has only been waiting about a year, the threshold from the kitchen toward the bathroom and bedroom. The one leading toward the front door by the fridge still needs to be done, but that will take more effort as I have to build that one from scratch. The sub-floor is uneven in that spot and I can't use the color-matched ones that came with the floor. Now I can also put in the moulding along the wall to cover the gap that you can see in the picture. The moulding is already constructed and stained so now I just need to trim it to fit.

That installation is next on the list for today, then I need to go out and get more drywall patching compound and have at the basement bathroom, with any luck I might even be able to get some paint on it tonight or tomorrow.

Designs are also moving along on the upstairs bathroom cabinetry. The sink and faucet have been ordered and should be here early next week. I should order the material for the door inlays soon, but that requires a phone call or fax as they don't have a web ordering system. I did some pricing on maple plywood and boards and now need to see what I need to buy for stock in order to make all of the parts on the cutsheet. I also borrowed a pair of biscuit jointers from [ profile] revchris to try out before possibly using them to construct the cabinets.

Well, back to work.
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No massive progress since the last update, just a few more smaller things worked on, and the vehicles taking away most of the non-existant fundage. However, the welding cart looks like something, and the mitersaw station is getting there. I've also been slowly using up some of the sheet goods that were taking up a good chunk of space, started a cart for [ profile] pkstudios, that got rid of a 4x8 sheet of melamine and opened up a lot of space.

Last night I managed to find the partial sheet of green-board that was in the stack I could get to, and made another trim piece for the basement shower. It is almost to the point that I can do some mudding and caulking and get some paint on the walls, although I need to finish a soffit for the stove gas-line first. I then marked up some MDF scrap that I am going to turn into a cabinet for above the toilet downstairs. I've also come up with a plan to get a sink in the basement bathroom when the laundry area gets re-arranged possibly next year.

The plan that is formulating is to try and get as far as I can with the basement bathroom and prep for the upstairs before the week of Thanksgiving and see if my dad wants to come down and help while [ profile] alyska is off to her parent's place. Then we might be able to do the big push in the upstairs bathroom. Granted for that push to be able to happen I should have the wall cabinet made and have the components like the sink and faucet in hand by then. And as long as I'm pipe-dreaming it would be good to have the base cabinet and counter made by then as well. I need to stop by Marling Lumber one of these days and see what they have for cabinet grade maple plywood and solid maple lumber for the cabinets. And also because I haven't managed to make it in there yet, and really I should have a while ago, even more so now that I am looking a making decent furniture type projects.
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This weekend more was accomplished in the basement. I made a really big mess. Concrete dust gets everywhere.

Saturday )

Sunday )

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Earlier in the week I got a few of the kick-plates trimmed down and installed in the kitchen, there are a few more to do but now I know that my new-to-me bandsaw works well.

Then there was a lot of changes made in the basement over the weekend. (several pics in the cuts)

Saturday )

Sunday )

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Haven't gotten the floor transitions done yet, or the cabinet toe-kicks. I have trimmed and removed all of the edge staples from the carpet and now I just need to staple them back down, once I find a carpet stapler. Then I can put in the transitions. The toe-kicks need to be trimmed down so I am looking around for the best method of doing that so those can go up. Then the majority of the kitchen will be completed. It will still need a cabinet face on the small cabinet and the cutting board on the end of the counter but most of the building will be done after the baseboards are in. Woo! Now we just need to get the table in by the end of the year.

After the kitchen is taken care of then some of the energies can go into doing something with the basement. I've already whipped up the current layout in the 3d home design software that our real-estate agent gave us after the closing so I can play with what will and will not work.

First will be moving one of the beam support poles over about 2-3 feet and shoring up the other side if needed. That will open up the 'finished' area of the basement and allow for un-obstructed viewing of the projection screen, only 16mm for now, with the goal of a DLP short throw projector hooked up at some point.

Then the laundry phase looks like it involves.

  • Removing an un-needed waste drain (we think it was for emptying an RV) and replacing it with a washing machine drain stack
  • Tapping the water lines near that drain stack for a washing machine
  • Re-positioning the dryer outlet
  • Getting the new washer and dryer

That will free up a lot of space in that area of the basement and make a lot more usable space. It will also make a hopefully sane laundry area as opposed to what we have now.

Then after that, efforts will go toward installing a shower stall next to the toilet that is currently down there. That will take a bit more doing. But once that is done we can think more about the upstairs bath as there will be a place to shower during work on that one.

Sometime in there we should also do something about the lack of window coverings in the back room. I'm thinking about making the roman shades myself, need to price out the hardware and materials and see if it is worth it.

Although before the things that require much money happen the kitchen needs to be paid off.

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Much was accomplished over the weekend, now that the wedding is out of the way attention can be put toward the house again.

  • Floor ordered, materials due in Oct 27
  • Table ordered, due in ~12 weeks, hopefully by the end of December for a family gathering
  • Wall trim stained and installed
  • Last cabinet side cover panels installed
  • Final cabinet door hung
  • Remainder of door and drawer handles installed

  • Boot/shoe rack crafted and installed

  • New towels and shower curtain hung (wedding gifts)

  • Portable power tools organized
  • Cabinets re-arranged and counter installed
  • Pull out wire drawers added to base cabinets
  • Exterior motion sensor lights installed

  • Organization started
  • Light table setup
  • Furnace filter changed

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