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Mainly because I need to get the hinges and drawer slides for the vanity before I build the doors and drawers. So, instead, I used the table saw to finish up most of the cuts for the wine/cookbook rack. The whole setup will get mirrored right to left when it is actually put together, and the space along the top will be divided into individual slots for bottles, but those will be cut once the cross bracing is fully installed, just to make sure it is all tight. The superman logo shaped area on the left in the picture will be for cookbooks of varying heights. The whole thing will be stained/dyed to match the rest of the kitchen cabinets if I can manage it. There will also be some solid oak trim on all of the exposed plywood edges. I'm still really liking the table saw.

yay paint!

Oct. 29th, 2006 08:24 pm
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After the last entry, I trimmed the baseboard, then went shopping. After returning home I started in on prepping the basement bathroom. I took a break and baking cookies and watching anime while everything dried and set. Then, I went back down to check out the cans of paint I found.

There is now a coat of texture on the new greenboard, the old panelling and the ceiling. I found this can of white texture among the cans that were in the basement when we bought the house, there were two that had sand in them, but the other was tinted. I also found about a half a can of bathroom safe white in the collection, so that should be going up later in the week. The lights actually do some good in there now, should be even better when the cabinet is installed and painted white as well.
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There has been some more progress on several fronts. I have the main casing built for the above toilet cabinet in the basement and the gas line soffit is constructed and installed. Now I can go through and caulk and patch over the screws and get some paint/texture on the walls. Then soon the floor can go in, thus allowing the toilet to go back in, yay!

Yesterday a project got done that has only been waiting about a year, the threshold from the kitchen toward the bathroom and bedroom. The one leading toward the front door by the fridge still needs to be done, but that will take more effort as I have to build that one from scratch. The sub-floor is uneven in that spot and I can't use the color-matched ones that came with the floor. Now I can also put in the moulding along the wall to cover the gap that you can see in the picture. The moulding is already constructed and stained so now I just need to trim it to fit.

That installation is next on the list for today, then I need to go out and get more drywall patching compound and have at the basement bathroom, with any luck I might even be able to get some paint on it tonight or tomorrow.

Designs are also moving along on the upstairs bathroom cabinetry. The sink and faucet have been ordered and should be here early next week. I should order the material for the door inlays soon, but that requires a phone call or fax as they don't have a web ordering system. I did some pricing on maple plywood and boards and now need to see what I need to buy for stock in order to make all of the parts on the cutsheet. I also borrowed a pair of biscuit jointers from [ profile] revchris to try out before possibly using them to construct the cabinets.

Well, back to work.


Nov. 22nd, 2005 09:44 am
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just a quick picture post. [ profile] jeffreyp and i hosted our very first all-growed-up dinner party for nine this weekend (table arriving in the nick of time, albeit broken.) i'm feeling a bit better about hosting christmas dinner at our place this year, though we'll still have to have a kiddie table.

the menu )

so here's a decent shot of the kitchen with its purty cabinets, new floor, and purty new table.

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Haven't gotten the floor transitions done yet, or the cabinet toe-kicks. I have trimmed and removed all of the edge staples from the carpet and now I just need to staple them back down, once I find a carpet stapler. Then I can put in the transitions. The toe-kicks need to be trimmed down so I am looking around for the best method of doing that so those can go up. Then the majority of the kitchen will be completed. It will still need a cabinet face on the small cabinet and the cutting board on the end of the counter but most of the building will be done after the baseboards are in. Woo! Now we just need to get the table in by the end of the year.

After the kitchen is taken care of then some of the energies can go into doing something with the basement. I've already whipped up the current layout in the 3d home design software that our real-estate agent gave us after the closing so I can play with what will and will not work.

First will be moving one of the beam support poles over about 2-3 feet and shoring up the other side if needed. That will open up the 'finished' area of the basement and allow for un-obstructed viewing of the projection screen, only 16mm for now, with the goal of a DLP short throw projector hooked up at some point.

Then the laundry phase looks like it involves.

  • Removing an un-needed waste drain (we think it was for emptying an RV) and replacing it with a washing machine drain stack
  • Tapping the water lines near that drain stack for a washing machine
  • Re-positioning the dryer outlet
  • Getting the new washer and dryer

That will free up a lot of space in that area of the basement and make a lot more usable space. It will also make a hopefully sane laundry area as opposed to what we have now.

Then after that, efforts will go toward installing a shower stall next to the toilet that is currently down there. That will take a bit more doing. But once that is done we can think more about the upstairs bath as there will be a place to shower during work on that one.

Sometime in there we should also do something about the lack of window coverings in the back room. I'm thinking about making the roman shades myself, need to price out the hardware and materials and see if it is worth it.

Although before the things that require much money happen the kitchen needs to be paid off.

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The new floor is in. The first round of silicone has gone on the edges, the transitions and baseboards still need to go in and the cabinet kickplates need to be installed. So far it is looking great.
Added to the Gallery and here:

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Much was accomplished over the weekend, now that the wedding is out of the way attention can be put toward the house again.

  • Floor ordered, materials due in Oct 27
  • Table ordered, due in ~12 weeks, hopefully by the end of December for a family gathering
  • Wall trim stained and installed
  • Last cabinet side cover panels installed
  • Final cabinet door hung
  • Remainder of door and drawer handles installed

  • Boot/shoe rack crafted and installed

  • New towels and shower curtain hung (wedding gifts)

  • Portable power tools organized
  • Cabinets re-arranged and counter installed
  • Pull out wire drawers added to base cabinets
  • Exterior motion sensor lights installed

  • Organization started
  • Light table setup
  • Furnace filter changed

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Quick recap of what has been done since the last Monday post.

Kitchen )

Garden )

Unpacking )

Attic )

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More projects off the list over the weekend.

  • Tea shelf hung
  • Exhaust vent adapters made for attic (need to find a cool evening to go up there)
  • Microwave shelf done and installed (last two pictures in the Kitchen Gallery)
  • Lawn sprinkler acquired and put to use, with nifty built in timer
  • [ profile] alyska used the newly acquired trimmers on the peonies and bushes out back

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Dishwashers work better when you turn the water supply on. Thing is, it still ran through the cycle without water. Including the heated dry. so when I turned the water on it got to wash off baked on stuff. It is still quiet, but not as quiet as when there is no water shooting around in it.

I won an auction for the hole punches to finish off the dishwasher air-gap installation, which is what I have been waiting for. The dishes started cluttering up counter so I just rigged the air gap up under the sink so it was in the proper orientation, and ran it. The punches should be in on the 19th, which will allow me to finish off that project.

I got the first bead of caulk on the countertop on the south side of the kitchen. The wall is a bit uneven and the corner wasn't quite square so some of the gaps are a bit big. Another bead will need to be put in, most likely tonight, to fully seal it. When that is done, that project will also be checked off the list. Then comes the handle template for the cabinets.

Patch cables (multicolored 1') are on order for the network connections in the media panel downstairs. When those come in I will attempt to place the cable modem, router and a switch in the panel and make it all nice and tidy. I have a feeling it will completely kill the wireless transmission of the router though. Need to take a look at that, maybe an external antenna? or replace it with an airport extreme or some other access point placed upstairs.

Unpacking is progressing, much yet to do, but the piles in the basement are getting smaller.

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Jul. 5th, 2005 09:01 am
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Well mostly. There is still some stuff in the kitchen and a few random things left in [ profile] creeksideway. Then there is the garage to deal with. That will be a back the trailer and van up and shovel it in kind of move I think.

Kitchen pictures have been added to the gallery, the range hood is in and working The ducting still needs to be connected to the roof, but that will be done when the ridge vent goes in and then the bath vent will be redirected as well.

The kitchen needs just a bit more paint, and then the counter and cooktop can go in along that wall. The rest of the place is almost fully painted as well, with just the little hall section by the bedroom and the half bath left to go. A picture of the computer room paint (same color as the bedroom) has also been added to the paint gallery.

Many thanks to [ profile] graydancer and his daughters for helping last week and [ profile] sculplady and FootInMouth for helping this weekend.

Tonight it is back to get another load from the condo.

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Since the last post the counter has been capped and attached. The sink is in, plumbed and the disposer is hooked up. Many of the cabinets have doors, shelves and a few even have cover panels on the ends.

Of course the gallery has been updated as well.

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The countertops have been trimmed and sanded to fit and the base plywood has been screwed to the cabinets. I then cut the clearance hole for the sink and got it to fit properly. After today's paint I will be able to glue and bolt the countertop together and secure it into place. That will be tricky as it is two, awkward, eight foot sections of counter that will need to slide in. Then I can drop the sink in, and work on hooking all of that up. A shot of the sink and counter dry-fit is in the gallery.

Saturday morning it is off to IKEA for the remainder of the cabinets and doors, then it is back to install those cabinets and the end filler panels.

Then it will be almost time for the final push of moving all of our stuff over. Will most likely end up being during a weekday evening or two, as the weekends are a bit booked.

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Pictures have been added to the gallery from the weekend work. A few more galleries were added along with the Kitchen one being updated.

Today I adjusted the upper cabinets that were off, cleaned up the garage, unloaded another van load of stuff, and mounted the remaining cabinet lights that had cabinets to be mounted to.

After I had the lights mounted I was actually in a position that I could turn on the breaker and test them. Here (4.35MB) is a test of the lights and the presetable dimmer. Woo! One more fixture (3-bulb) goes to the left of the cook top, the 3 that are currently mounted are 4-bulbs each.

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Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

I forgot the camera all weekend, so pictures will be taken and hopefully posted tomorrow evening.

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Last week Tuesday I pulled off the panels on the fridge so I could sand and paint them, and almost got the panel off of the dishwasher. Wednesday I got the dishwasher panel the rest of the way off and took everything out to the garage to be sanded. Then I went in search of the Appliance paint to finish everything, after finding that at the 4th place I looked I went back and sanded everything down and made quite the mess.

Thursday after work I picked up some soap, a sponge, a bucket and a garbage can, the first 3 to clean the panels. I washed and rinsed the panels and set them out in the sun to dry while I prepared stands to set things on for painting. I got all of the parts painted that evening and will let them cure for a week or so, most likely until the interior paint is done the 11th & 12th.

Thursday evening I looked up the information on the cook-top so I could make the needed cutout in the counter and cabinets. Then I realized that I ordered the wrong cabinets for that section. luckily only the 30" fan cabinet was in when I bought the cases last week. I figured out what I needed to make it work and then Friday I ordered the proper cases and doors. I will just have to return the 2 cases and 4 doors that were wrong when I go and pick them up.

Saturday I mowed the lawn before it rained and then set to work on the cabinets and countertop. The cabinet had almost the proper hole in the top, I just needed to take an inch off of the front cross brace. I then fit the plywood counter base and marked the hole so I could go cut it out with a jigsaw. The counter needs a plywood base so the front edge doesn't hang over like it is designed to. If it did with these cabinets it would be resting on the doors and they wouldn't be able to open. I cut the hole and test fit the cook top in the plywood then I attached the plywood to the cabinets to strengthen them even more, even though they are attached to the wall and each other.I still need to cut the hole in the counter and then attach it before I can install the cook top. But first the walls will be painted.

Painting is scheduled for the weekend of the 11th & 12th of June. Then I can put the panels on the fridge and wrestle it back into position so I can wrestle the oven back into position and re-install the 15" cabinet that goes next to it. Once that is in I can fit and attach the plywood to those cabinets and cut the hole for the sink. Then the counter can go in and final hookups can be made.

So far it is looking good, things are coming together but it still looks like mess if you don't know what is going where.

Doors are due in this week sometime, and the new order of cabinets is due in next week I think. I will most likely wait until the second order is in so I don't have to make two trips with the van and pay for gas twice. The doors will be going in last anyway so they don't get damaged. I already have all of the shelves and such so lacking doors won't be a delay for most things.

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Friday, Appliances )

Saturday, IKEA )

Sunday, work )

Monday, looks like progress )

Images on the weekend progress were added in the gallery. Newest crop start on the second page.

Tonight is a furniture delivery between 4 and 8pm, and most likely some base cabinet anchoring and leveling, with a possible counter fitting for the cook-top in there as well.

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Cabinets in the kitchen are out. Turns out the cabinets were there longer than the ceiling. there are two layers of drywall that are on the rest of the ceiling, but not where the cabinets were. Some patching will have to be done where the cabinets were in the ceiling, and also where the back-splash was on the walls. There is a lack of drywall in spots where the 3/4" laminated plywood back-splash was.

Cabinet locations have been marked out on the walls along with some new outlet and switch positions. Looks like we can use the 39" cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling, instead of the 30" ones with space for dust and lighting on top, the more cabinet space will be good.

Pictures have been added to the During Gallery - Kitchen

Tonight I venture up into the attic to run some more circuits for the new outlets.

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